Mrs Foster has just shared this video with me.  She was enjoying a family BBQ at home over the weekend when her party was gate crashed by a Badger...!!

Yes, you heard right, a BADGER...  

Mr Bertie Badger, strolled right up onto her patio in the early evening looking for his share of the burgers...


*Original audio track replaced to protect the innocent... ;o)

Nursery Primary Post Primary

Welcome to our Virtual Sports Day

We have missed seeing our pupils this term and they would have been practicing and improving their performance to show off to you. We missed seeing you all in person at our Sports Days and are thankful to the whole school community joining in to connect us all together again.

Have a safe and happy summer break.
Mrs Vance and Mrs Whittington

Primary PE (Primary) Post Primary PE

P6/7 visit W5's Star Done

P6/7 visited W5's Star Dome. It was amazing travelling through space, seeing the constellations and recognising the North Star. 

Primary P6 P7

Painting with Tim

Fun was had with all of our helpers! We had a mini colour run too! 


Painting with our feet

We painted with our feet. We walked, glided, shuffled and danced! 


Painting with our feet

We used our feet to paint. We walked, glided, shuffled and squiggled. 


African Drummers

Thomas taught us some rhythms at Summer Scheme. We enjoyed the drumming.


P5/6 Tsunami

Watch us make a tsunami.

Primary P6

P5/6 Volcano Video

Look at the volcano ! 

Primary P6
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