Post Primary

Pupils in the Post Primary Department are split into Key Stages - KS3 (years 8-10), KS4 (years 11-12) and Post 16 (years 13-15) The pupils follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum at a suitable pace. The timetable is taught by subject specialist teachers.  

The Areas of Learning at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 focus on:                                 


Language and Literacy

The Arts

Environment and Society

Learning for Life and Work

Modern Language

Physical Education

Science and Technology

Religious Education

Pupils may remain in Fleming Fulton until they are 19.  A Transition Programme prepares pupils for work and life after school.  A range of qualifications are offered to meet the needs of pupils – both on an academic level and with regard to personal and social development, and may be delivered in partnership with external agencies.

Further information on the Northern Ireland Curriculum can be found at