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Meet the Governors at Fleming Fulton School

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The Board of Governors has an important strategic role to play in the leadership and management of the school. This is to help the school principal and staff, provide the highest standard education for all of the children and young people.

Governors bring their experience, life skills and common sense to this task. In everything we do, we aim to raise expectations of what can be achieved by all children and young in our school.

In carrying out our role, we wish to engage with the full school community, pupils, staff (teaching and ancillary), and parents/carers, and the wider community, to ensure that the children and young people in Fleming Fulton experience the highest quality learning and teaching in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Who are the Governors at Fleming Fulton?

Mr W Latimer


Mr H Beckinsale

DE representative

Mrs R McNaughton

EA representative

Mrs O Bedwell

EA representative

Mrs J Manson

EA representative

Mr M Ferguson

Parent representative

Mr D Bowes

Parent representative

Mrs P Vance

Teacher representative

Mrs K Hancock (Secretary)


What do we do as Board of Governors?

As a Governing Body of the school, we work alongside the School principal and Senior Leadership Team in:

  • setting the school's vision and aims
  • establishing and maintaining the school’s ethos
  • setting the school’s plans and policies
  • monitoring and evaluating school performance
  • promoting self-evaluation to sustain school improvement

As Governors we are very proud to serve Fleming Fulton School Community and take pride in the achievements and progress of the children and young people. We believe alongside the school, that the children and young people are at the centre of our school community, and we are committed to ensuring that their wellbeing and learning needs are of the highest standard, ensuring that every child and young person reaches their full potential in an inclusive, caring environment and in full partnership with the school, home, and the wider community.

A Governor is appointed to the Board of Governors for a period of 4 years. At the end of 4 years the Board of Governors is ‘reconstituted,’ by the Department of Education, at which stage a Governor may elect to stay on for a further term and new Governors may be appointed to the Board. A Parent Governor and a Teacher Governor will also be elected to the Board during ‘reconstitution.’ The next scheduled reconstitution for Governors will be during the academic year 2023-24.

Our Governor Information leaflet will provide you with some additional information.

Annual Report 2022-2023

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