P6/7G visit The a Star Dome

Here is the inside and outside of W5's Star Dome. It was amazing! 

Primary P6 P7

P6/7 visit W5's Star Done

P6/7 visited W5's Star Dome. It was amazing travelling through space, seeing the constellations and recognising the North Star. 

Primary P6 P7

P6/7G Assembly

Today our assembly was about Chinese New Year, Saint Brigid (it's her feast day) and the Celtic first day of spring. 


Primary P6 P7

P6/7 learn how to play Gaelic

Thanks to Linda Maguire for organising a Gaelic lesson in school. John and Mandy from Aldergrove Clg. They trained the pupils in moves and then we had a game! It was a draw. We all got medals! Thanks to Mrs Whittington for inviting them to our PE lesson.

Primary P6 P7

Competition Winners

The winners of the colouring in competition won tablets. 

There was also a winner of the snowman   

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Making Christingles

P6/7G made Christingles today. 

The orange represents the world. The ribbon symbolises Jesus. The four cocktail sticks are the seasons and the sweets God's bounty. The candle is the light of Jesus. 

Primary P6 P7

P6/7G make Gingerbread Men

As part of our maths we made Victorian recipe Gingerbread Men. We did add a 21st Century twist by using mini smarties and silver balls. Everyone preferred them compared to raisins! 

We used measure for weighing, temperature and time. 


Our recipe can can be found on the BBC website 

thank you Margaret for helping us , especially with the washing up! ?

Primary P6

P6/7 visit W5

The Friendship Four Ice Hockey teams in conjunction with W5 invited P6/7 to W5 for a free visit.  We had fun! 

Some pupils stayed behind for to watch Yale play Union at The SSE Arena.  Thank you for our tickets and our trip to W5. 

Primary P6 P7

P6/7G Victorian Artefacts

P6/7G are learning about The Victorians. Today we looked at some Victorian Artefacts. We also had seen some artefacts at The Ulster Museum. 

Primary P6

P6/7G at The Ulster Orchestra

P6/7G went to The Waterfront to an Ulster Orchestra event. It was called Telling Stories. This was teaching pupils about narrative writing through music. 

We learnt about the different sections of the orchestra. We also listened to some great pieces of music - John Williams Harry Potter Theme and Star Wars Imperial March 

Strauss - Sprach Zarathustra

Primary P6 The Performing Arts
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