Welcome to our new Primary One/Two class. Our teacher this year is Mrs Bittle.
P1/2 is a very busy but fun place to be! There are always lots of interesting and fun things to do.

We believe children need play for positive development. The children love to learn through play and practical activities, they thrive from being in a busy learning environment. It is how their little bodies release stress, exercise, make sense of things, expand their minds, and nurture a natural love of learning. During play, children really show their personality, thinking skills and personal capabilities, gross motor and fine motor skills, their creativity, and their emotional skills. Play is great for learning because children are constantly growing through dramatic play, block play, art, play dough, and so much more!

In P1/2. we have lots of books and we all love to read. We learn about sounds, words, sentences and language when we share our ‘Big Books’ together. We also like to read in our groups and enjoy visiting our new library. We learn to count and do number work in all sorts of different ways through play. It is important that we make friends and always try to help and share.

We continue to receive support from the interdisciplinary team of therapists. Teachers work closely with therapists and we are timetabled for a whole class therapy group where Physio and O.T  therapists come and join in with our class activities. We also have an O.T prewriting/pencil skills group and SLT communication group.

There are times when we leave our classrooms to go to P.E or Assembly. We go on trips and we have visitors in school to help us learn more about our topics.

Our World Around Us topics:
Term 1: Mini beasts and Senses
Term 2: Fairytales and Bears/Winter.
Term 3:  Pirates and Summer.
We always try our very best and our teacher always has lots of super stickers and rewards. Each Friday we get our Bee certificates, from Mrs Hancock and Mrs Devlin in assembly.

During the year we like to go outside and look around our school grounds to see all the signs of the changing seasons and go on nature walks and make use of our nature trail and sensory garden.