Welcome to the Horticulture Department.

Staff Mr P. Maxwell & Dr. A. Davidson

Pupils who choose to study horticulture explore the world of plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables, how they grow and the best ways to care for them.

They become familiar with gardening equipment and develop horticultural skills as they follow a gardener's calendar of activities.

Pupils will be involved in the care, decision making and maintenance of a selection of patio areas and raised beds around the school and certain groups will take responsibility for our School Memorial Garden.

Pupils will assist in running our in-house mini company (The Sunflower Company) - growing and selling seasonal plants.

Where appropriate they will be involved in competitions to promote their work and the school.

Pupils will have opportunities to extend their skills and activities with volunteers and outside agencies.

All the above will be encompassed and used to meet the requirements, learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the AQA  Units of Work in Horticulture.



Pupils will be encouraged to develop an awareness of environmental issues by caring for the environment and community around them . 

They will experience how to use our resources wisely and carefully while encouraging others to get involved.

They will be able to make connections between growing your own produce, sampling it and using it in everyday life ( eg. Home Economics).

Through horticultural and eco friendly  activities links will naturally be made with Technology and Design (building nature resources eg. bird tables, bat boxes, to name but a few), ICT (eg. designing posters, recording information), Home Ecomonics and Literacy and Numeracy skills needed to assist in the Sunflower Company.

There will be opportunities to develop the Nature Trail and learn about it's inhabitants.

We want the joy of wildlife and gardening to go hand in hand.

We want our school to be an Eco-friendly school. In fact we want it to be "blooming great.".

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