Modern Languages

At present French is taught to all pupils in Years 8-12.  At Key Stage 4 some pupils have the opportunity to learn Spanish.

Pupils in Year 8-10 follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  At Key Stage 4 pupils can work towards a variety of accreditations, including AQA Entry level in French or Spanish or a FCSE in French.

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The Modern Language department aims to give all pupils in the school a chance to experience learning a new language, while, at the same time arousing an interest in the country, their people and topics relating to everyday life. We hope to give all pupils a sense of satisfaction and achievement and above all make the subject accessible and enjoyable. Pupils are encouraged to use the language in everyday situations and the words ¡HOLA!, BONJOUR, AU REVOIR or ADIÓS can be heard daily in the corridors. Pupils regularly use ICT including IPads to help with their learning.