School Council

School council is made up of an elected representative from each class in the Post Primary Department, deputies are elected to help out with duties or fill in for an absent Rep.


Here are a few things you may like to know:

- We wear our School Council badges so we are easily identified. 

- We are elected by our class.

- We will represent the School at chosen events.

- We meet monthly to discuss various issues such as lunch time activities, school meals, end of term events.

- We give opportunities for the "Pupils' voice" to be heard.



Year 8 – Rep: Jodie – Dep: Raymond

Year 9 – Rep: Leah – Dep: Daryl

Year 10 – Rep: Caomihe Dep: Katie C

Year 11&12- Rep: Troy – Dep: Jane

Year 13 – Rep: Ryan – Dep: Talia

Year 13 – Rep: Jonny – Dep: Conor

Year 14 – Rep: Nathan – Dep: Naomi

Year 15 – Rep: Rianna – Dep: Keely