LYNKD/Phab Club

The senior club is an opportunity for pupils/past pupils to enjoy the company of their fellow pupils/past pupils and friends in the evening, in a relaxed atmosphere and with the activities of their choice. This can also give parent/s time to chill out in the evening. Participation by mainstream young people may be dealt with through a volunteering programme. (See below.)

It is also necessary in the transition from child to adult that pupils have their own social outlet, friends out of school time and practice the independence skills learned in school.

Though we operate from 6.30pm – 9.30pm, members may come and go as they wish.

Among the out of centre activities we take part in are, ice skating (which can be done very safely by wheelchair users), shopping trips (independence), bowling, cinema visits, a Giants game and eating out together. We are also open to any other suggestions.

In centre we offer a variety of sports in the hall, quiz night, film night, group, Duke of Edinburgh/Presidents Award, discussion groups etc.

Every second year we may organize an international experience for 14+year olds. Our last adventure was in Lanzarote in June 2013.



New volunteers are always welcome, particularly those on award schemes who are willing to befriend our pupils/past pupils. We would also welcome over 25 year olds to volunteer to drive our minibus to pick up those pupils who are unable to make their way to the club. For this we need two people, one to drive and one to escort, please.