Welcome to Technology & Design At Fleming Fulton School, all pupils have the opportunity to study Technology & Design which provides them with opportunities to;

  • Be creative and develop their problem solving skills in response to design problems in their everyday life.
  • Appreciate their own achievements and those of others through research, investigation and evaluation.
  • Learn how to work with others and maintain a safe working environment.
  • Investigate the design and manufacture of products and explore how technology contributes to society.


Key Stage 3

The department follows guidance from the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Key Stage 3 and pupils will complete a number of design and make challenges in each year.  Pupils will use a range of diverse resistant materials and manufacturing processes as they complete these tasks.

The subject teacher is supported by a qualified and experienced technician who actively supports pupils learning, development and safety.

The following is a sample of the range of design challenges presented to Key Stage 3;

Yr 8 - Junkbots, Note Holders, Enamelling, Bee Hotels, Acrylic Key Rings

Yr9 - Night Lights, Key Racks, Pull-a-long Ducks

Yr10 - Portable MP3 Speakers, Propeller Driven Moon Buggies, Remote Control Vehicles


Key Stages 4 & 5

Pupils in Key Stage 4 & 5 are presented with oppportunities to complete a range of courses including;

  • Resistant Materials Technology (GSCE) - OCR or WJEC
  • Design & Technology - Resistant Materials (Entry Level) - OCR
  • Creative Crafts (Level 1 & 2 Award or Level 3 Certificate) - CCEA
  • Working in the Creative Crafts Industry (Level 1 & Level 2 Certificate) - CCEA