Welcome to the award winning Fleming Fulton Science Department  

The department's innovative laboratory is completely accessible for disabled students with adjustable tables and mobile equipment stores. 5 laptops, 5 PC's, 5 Tablet computers are networked with two Interactive Whiteboards, 2 document cameras and 2 computer microscopes.

The Northern Ireland Curriulum is followed in the department.  The KS3 programme is broken into units of study completed over the three years.

Year 8

  • Introducing Science, Materials A, Materials B, Forces A, Forces B

Year 9

  • Heat Movement, Chemical Reactions, Acids & Alkalis, Human Beings - processes

Year 10

  • Living Things 1, Electricity, Light, Living Things 2

An alternative more practically based programme "Our World" is also offered at KS3


Two separate courses are offered at KS4

GCSE Single Award Science (CCEA)  and Entry Level Certificate in Science (AQA)