English with Media Education

Every pupil has access to the Northern Ireland Curriculum for English.

A wide range of differentiated materials are used to excite and stimulate the pupils in English.  Pupils have access to a variety of technological tools to help them to communicate in English.  Every  young person in post primary has access to an individual iPad and many children use MOBI devices as their voice if they cannot speak or articulate clearly.  Technological advances have helped the pupils to access the curriculum. We are very  proud of the pupils' successes in gaining qualifications in English at GCSE and Entry Level as well as Essential skills at post 16.  





Assessment is part of the teaching and learning process at Fleming Fulton and pupils are assessed as part of their normal English classes from Year 8 to 10.  Examples of the pupil's work is gathered in Reading, Writing and Talking and Listening in all subjects during year 8, 9 and 10.  The level at which the child is working at is then reported to parents at the end of Year 10.  A sample of this work is moderated by the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA).

At the end of Key Stage 4 pupils may sit an Entry Level or GCSE exam in English depending on the level they are working at at KS3.

At Post 16 the pupils typically follow a course  on one of the following:

  • Essential Skills Communication Level 1 or 2
  • Essential Skills in Literacy (Entry Level)
  • OCR Life and Living Skills-Communication Entry Level 1,2 or 3

In order to give the pupils as broad an experience as possible we arrange for them to have theatre and cinema visits, work with visiting poets for 'Poetry in Motion' and writers.    Theatre workshops are run in school by various theatre companies.  They love to come to Fleming Fulton because of our fantastic performance space. Drama is an important teaching tool in English at Fleming Fulton.