#30DAYSWILD - A Wild Bank Holiday

What a weekend we've just had... The weather was AMAZING...!!!

I hope, what ever you got up to, it was a little bit #WILD

Leah had her lunch in wild space in her garden, listening to the birds and sounds of nature... Her lunch looked yummie.

Nathan went minibeast hunting and found slugs and wood lice under pots.  I wonder if they would like share of Leah's lunch...?

Miss Murphy's class were outside, listening to the WILD and watching the birds.  Ella spent the time making dairy chains for her hair.  I'm glad they left the massive spider they found in the greenhouse in peace.

13M watched Wildlife Webcams this morning.  We watched an Osprey and a Peregrine Falcon feed their chicks and got up close with a puffin in their underground burrow.

Mr Maxwell spend the weekend clearing rubble, nettles and brambles from part of his garden and has sown a wild flower grass seed mix in it to make a wildflower meadow.


If you want to make time for a Random Act of Wildness this week, your challenges are;

  1. Snap a WILD Blue photo – Butterflies, damselflies, flowers or even the clear blue sky from an unusual angle
  2. Identify a WILD Flower – Look it up on Google,or use the 'Picture This' App on your phone (You don’t need to pay for the subscription to use it)
  3. Read a WILD Book – Even better if you can read it outdoors.
  4. Share a WILD Picnic with the Birds – Prepare a feast for you and the birds (Cheese, Fruit, Seeds, Wholemeal bread or crackers)
  5. Create a WILD work of art – Use leaves, sticks, stones, feathers, mud or anything else you can find.
  6. Watch a WILD Webcam - https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/webcams
  7. Search for micro WILDness – Lichens, moss and mini flowers. What can you find…?


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