#30DAYSWILD - Week 3


It's amazing that we are already into our 3rd week of the Wildlife Trust  #30DaysWild challenge. 

We've shared so many adventures already and there is still lots more to come.


If you're joining in at home, the Random Acts of Wildness this week are

  • Whistle using a Blade of Grass between your thumbs
  • Sketch up close – Use your drawing skills to capture the beauty of small things
  • Quiz your friends – Create your own wildlife quiz or use one from an online source
  • Spot a wild mammal – Urban Foxes, Country hares, Garden hedgehogs… What can you spot?
  • Plant wild flowers or look for and learn about ones that are already growing.
  • Keep a note of wildlife – Start a chart or notebook, what can you see out of your window?
  • Google Wild Facts – What’s your favourite wild animal, what new facts can you find out? Can you make it into a poster or fact sheet?


In school, our Random Acts continue impress me every day.... 


Leah shared her photograph of flowers at home that she cares for to provide food for bees and buterflies.

P2/3/4 Sent me another picture of their Bear Hunt from last week

13M didn't have to go far today, just out in the patio beside our class we got up close with plants, bugs and we even found a *frog*...!!

Finally I got an excited text message from Mrs Bittle.  She was enjoying her lunch in the sensory garden and spotted 2 foxes, one of them was picking a fight with the local tom cat.


Don't forget to send me your pictures from home pmaxwell704@c2kni.net




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