The Random Acts of Wildness continue at Fleming Fulton and at home... 

Lots of entries for the Blog today.


Caitlin and Daire were out in the sensory garden feeding the Goldfish and enjoing the feel of the cool water.

Mrs Vance's class were down by the river looking for mini WILD habitats.  They found tree bark, moss and lots of wild flowers.

Troy sent in pictures from home.  He spent time looking at the clouds in the sky and imagining shapes.  He also studied some flowers in his garden.

Zoe was underneath the trees beside her house, looking though the fresh spring green leaves at the blue sky above.  I love the colour of the green leaves against the blue sky.

Miss Murphy's class were out making daisy chains again, Jack is really rocking his...!!  They also had special light reactive paper that leaves shadows of items placed on it on a sunny day.  Oisin wasn't brave enough to put his hands in the feely box.

Joanna was at the park, listening to the birds and watching the clouds under the tree.  She also visited the beach at the weekend and really enjoyed feeling the sand between her toes.

Darryl, Jonathan and Megan were getting up close with plants and trees and going WILD with Buttercups in the sun.

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