Lots going on outside today...

P2/3/4 were enjoying a picnic in the WILD.  They took their snack outside and then took time to stop and listen to the sounds of the WILD and cuddle their teddies.  Later they took their shoes and socks off to feel the WILD between their toes.

Leah & Hannah were out in the Wildlife Garden listening to the WILD.  They heard lots of different birds and the wind blowing through the trees.

13M put the trail camera out, hoping to catch some video of our resident badgers over the weekend.  While out, we checked on our new wildlife pond and noticed that it's starting to recover from the toxic algae bloom which hit it hard at the start of the spring.

We used the 'PictureThis' app on Mr Maxwell's phone to identify some of the WILD flowers in this area.  We also put out signs in our wildflower meadow asking the gardeners to "Don't Mow, Let it Grow".

We identified Honesty (Money Plant), Two types of Cranesbill, Lacy Phacelia (California Bluebell), Wild Mustard and Foxglove already blooming in our meadow


Don't forget to send me your photos from home to pmaxwell704@c2kni.net



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