It's here, the first day of our #30DAYSWILD Challenge...!!!


Year 13 were feeling WILD in the greenhouse, discovering the feel, smells and tastes of the wild.  We smooshed soil, caressed compost, wiggled our fingers in pond water, got up close with grass and looked longingly at leaves.

No-one was brave enough to take their shoes off, but Katie and Nathan did taste a part of a Nasturtium flower (They didn't like it, too 'spicy..!') 


We also took the time to stop and look at the clouds and see what shapes we could make.  Once back in the classroom, we used our iPads to draw out the shapes.  We saw volcano's, dragons, rabbits, elephants, aeroplanes, ships and lots more.


P2/3/4 Walsh were out on the lawn, taking time to look at the clouds and listen to the sounds of nature.  They thought the clouds looked lovely and fluffy like cotton wool or even candy floss.

When listening to the sounds, some of the pupils lay down on the grass with blindfolds on to help them relax and listen, others preferred to just close their eyes.  




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