Year 13M are leading our School in The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild Challenge.

A simple concept, complete a Random Act of Wildness every day for 30 days in June.  (We're starting a bit early as school finishes before the end of June.)

If you want to take part at home, you can send me your pictures or videos  to   If you're lucky they may feature in our daily #30DAYSWILD blog on the School Website.


This weeks Random Acts of Wildness are;

1 – Feel the Wild between your toes (squelch your toes in grass, sand or mud)

2 – Look up at the Clouds (What shapes can you see?)

3 – Find a Creepy Crawly (Be gentle, get close, watch the way it moves)

4 – Thread a Daisy Chain

5 – Showcase on a Nature Table (Go hunting for wild treasures like feathers, bones, fossils, leaves and plants. Display what you find)

6 – Lunch in the Wild (Share lunch with your family or friends outside, on a blanket, bench or under a tree)

7 – Listen for Wild Sounds (You can use a blindfold to focus your mind)


Have Fun getting WILD...!!


Mr Maxwell & Year 13M


@30DaysWild, @thewildlifetrusts